Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Melissa's First Job!!

We are so proud of Melissa. She has been working at Checker's for over a month now! Her first job! She has mixed feelings about working and is beginning to see it's not always the most exciting thing to leave the friends and boyfriend to go to work. We are very proud of her and know it hard to keep grades up, keep the job going and she is even taking cosmetology at the high school in place of her electives. She will graduate with her certificate this year for first year cosmetology. And yes...she is getting all her required classes to graduate from high school in 2012.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spinach Pizza w/ Herb infused Olive Oil & Goat Cheese

Jon and I went to the ABC Kitchen in Manhattan and I feel in love! Jon on the other hand couldn't wait to get out of the place, especially when they brought out the vintage flower saucer plates..Hehe. (We went to the Old Town Bar for Jon.) We ordered the Spinach herb pizza. It was excellent and expensive.

 I decided to make it today. So here is what I did. I bought thin pizza dough in the canister. I placed it on my stone baking sheet. I made some herb infused olive oil by putting some dried rosemary, thyme and mint in a small bottle of olive oil. It would be better to use fresh herbs, but you would need to strain out the leaves so that it does not spoil. You should prepare the herb olive oil a couple weeks in advance for a better flavor. I spread the olive oil mixture on the dough and I cooked it for about 15-20 minutes. I took it out and spread goat cheese on the half cooked dough. I used fresh baby spinach and coated the olive oil mixture on the spinach in a separate bowl. After spreading a nice layer of goat cheese on the half cooked dough I placed the spinach on the dough. I cooked it until the dough was completely cooked...about 20 more minutes. It was great! It is simple and healthy!

Connecticut Roof Collapse

Connecticut has had record breaking snow this year. The weight of the snow is causing numerous roof collapses. A couple years back we had dinner at this restaurant with Jon's mom. It is a couple blocks from her condo. I had to plod through knee deep snow to get this picture in my dress, but it was worth it!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jared's Art Project

Jared was selected to enter the city art contest. His art teacher picked him for the contest and he was allowed to be taken out of two of his classes for the past two weeks to work on this project. It wil be on display at our Newnan Fine Arts center.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Anniversary in Manhatten....(Not Cancun)

Jon and I were planning to spend our anniversary in Cancun, but the planets didn't line up for us. Jon's grandfather passed away and we attended his funeral in CT. We were bumped off our flight back to Atlanta and got stuck in White Planes, NY for two nights. We made the best of it spent one of the days in Manhattan. Despite the cold, cold, cold, we had a wonderful day in the city filled with fun adventures. Instead of bathing suits on the beach...we celebrated with double layers of clothes, scarves and coats. It's a good thing we had insurance on our Cancun trip! Now we have a trip to take within the next year! We just tried to make the best of our situation!

Floyd is all healed up!

Our Kitty Floyd is back to his old personality. He is attacking feet, biting chins, and running around the house. You would not even know this little guy does not have eyes. He manages the stairs, the doorways, climbs on everything and chases Dottie our dog. He is amazing. He does not act blind and is completely functional in every way. He is really amazing and wild!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Jared's Georgia History Project

All of the 8th graders at Jared's middle school had to pick a person from Ga. History and create a doll that had to be at least 2 feet tall. Jared chose Ulysses S. Grant. Jared and I made a trip to our art store and bought doll parts. He filled the doll with beans and used a glue gun to to glue the arms, legs and head on the doll. THE ONLY THING I did to help him is I glued on the gold trim around the uniform. Jared used a glue gun to piece together the uniform that he measured and cut himself. The shoes even come off. He did and INCREDIBLE job!! He along with some select others were selected to have the doll featured in our local paper. The doll is on display in his school library. As you can imagine he is very proud of his creation.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Kitten & His Eye Problems (Warning Pictures are graphic)

As it turned out our kitten ended up getting fast progressing, uncontrollable glaucoma. He had his first surgery to try to save his left eye. The surgery was called a third eye lid flap. We brought him home and were putting in 6 eye drops in his eye four times a day. Well within three days his eye completely ruptured and within two days of the eye rupturing he would have died. So I took him to my vet for a double eye enucleation since his right eye was progressing just like the left. Both eyes were removed and sewed shut. It took him about a week to really get moving around, but on our third week after his enucleation he is getting around great! He is happy, purring, knows the house, the stairs and where the doors are. He has a wonderful, cuddly, sweet personality. He loves Dottie our dog, and Dottie tolerates him...Dottie is an old woman by now.  We have had her 10 years now.

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